Recommendation Engine


dsb fly enables you to increase your revenues through individualised upselling and cross-selling. 

Customer Loyalty Through Customised Recommendations

dsb fly offers you innovative ways to prevent cancellation. An AI-based recommendation system is part of our system landscape. Based on our sophisticated recommendation engine, you can launch fully automated and accurate cross-sell and upsell campaigns in dsb fly. 

Churn Prevention

Clients from the publication industry also use dsb fly specifically with the aim to prevent cancellations. For instance, users who cancel their daily newspaper online receive customised counter offers from dsb fly based on their usage behavior and the customer information stored. After the users provide their reason for cancellation, they can for example, 

  • pause their subscription
  • get their old price back in event of price increases 
  • benefit from a special discount
  • switch to other published titles

You can also flexibly configure other tailored offers to prevent cancellations. This way, companies can reduce their churn rate in a targeted manner. 

If the counter offer is accepted by the user, all changes to relevant systems will be made automatically in real time. These changes will also be applied to the next invoice.

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