Marketplace Integration

Marketplace integrations help you reach your target audience worldwide. We know the sales platforms that push your e-business. Try it out and profit from our expertise. 

Faster Access to Your Target Group

dsb fly enables you to access the appropriate sales channels in record time. This allows you to quickly create new international touchpoints for customers and prospects and increase the visibility of your products. 

Profit From Our Interface Expertise

dsb fly has interfaces to all well-known international marketplaces. At the same time, the system ensures a smooth, fully automated exchange of articles, inventory and order data between marketplaces, e-shop and warehouse. dsb fly takes care of the data exchange alongside your workflows. 

Linked Systems Along the Value Chain 

dsb fly links the different systems along your workflows. This enables you to determine which goods need to be reordered and how your items are selling in different countries on a specific-channel at the push of a button. 

Marketplaces Push Your International Expansion

The right channel gives you fast access to your target group. You benefit from an existing virtual infrastructure, gain country-specific experience and test your marketing strategy. 

Contact us for global marketplace connections. 

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