Credit Management


Credit management with dsb fly offers you many advantages

Optimise your debt collection processes with dsb fly. Thanks to flexible interfaces, you can integrate your payment processes with dsb fly quickly. The individual direct payment links are automatically generated. 

Payment in Record Time

From PayPal, credit card, direct debit, Apple Pay to Amazon Payments - You define the payment methods for immediate payment. 

Learn how intan service plus realised 10% of immediate payments from dunning customers with immediate payment links in this Case Study.

Send Payment Reminders Before the Dunning Process:

"By sending payment reminders to customers a few days before the dunning process starts, we collect payments from customers who simply forgot to pay. This is more friendly than directly starting the dunning process", says Jörg Markmeyer, Leader of IT and process management at Intan. 

Use dsb fly for Immediate Payments 

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Convert Readers into Using Recurring Payment Methods

With dsb fly, you transform analogue payment methods into digital payment methods. With one click, readers can change their payment method from invoice to Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal or credit card. Subscribers thus switch from using one-time payments to recurring payment methods. This enables publishers to automate subsequent debits. 

Intan service plus migrated 18% of their contacted readers into using PayPal and direct debit with target campaigns. 

Why Does a Payment Widget Make Sense for Publishers?

Payment processes for businesses that use subscription models are a tricky thing. Recurring payment methods significantly reduce attrition risk. Subscribers who adopt a recurring payment method directly after signing up for a subscription have a significantly higher retention rate. And that, in turn, has a direct impact on publishers' returns, whose subscriptions usually only pay off after a term of at least one year. 

Speed Payment - Here's How it Works: 

With PayPal, all you need to do to pay is click the corresponding button and click on another confirmation, because all the customer data is already stored there. When paying with credit card and direct debit, care is taken to ensure that the customer has to enter as little data as possible.

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