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Turn Casual Readers Into Loyal Subscribers 

We offer you over 50 years of publishing expertise and digital know-how. dsb fly holistically models the processes around sales, customer care, billing, payment and marketing. Through data-driven campaigns, dsb fly ensures accurate smart content, conversion boosting and churn reduction. 

Regardless of Digital, Print Content or Consumer Products - dsb fly Enables

Monetise Content and Win Customers: 

From Free Riders to Loyal Readers 

With dsb fly, you can show your readers individualised smart content across devices. You can also offer subscribers their preferred payment method. This is how you increase your subscriptions. 

Low Process Costs Thanks to Fully Automated Data Exchange

Whether in billing or customer care: digitalised processes ensure efficient workflows and maximum data quality. dsb fly reduces the number of enquiries that your service agents have to manually process. Benefit from an email tool that categorises and answers messages automatically. 

Consolidate Cross-Media Purchases

dsb fly consolidates purchases fully automatically. From digital or print to bundles or special editions to time or unit-based billing. 

Highly Flexible Billing
dsb fly creates hard, soft & metered paywalls, combination subscriptions, club models, voucher codes, daily, weekly and monthly passes, etc... Family subscriptions and corporate accounts are also easily managed and billed through dsb fly. 

Benefit From Impulse Purchases 
Widget solutions ensure high usability and maximum reach. With dsb fly widgets, we link exciting products for your customers to the appropriate content in online news, blogs, Facebook posts, or YouTube videos. This way, you can realise additional spontaneous purchases and reduce purchase cancellations to a minimum. 

Available 24/7 With Online Customer Service 
Our smart self-service features are being used by leading media companies in Europe. Optimise your customer response management. Let readers buy subscriptions 24/7, forward order deliveries, or make address changes. 

Business Intelligence Tool Included 
The dsb fly data warehouse analyses the media usage of your customers. The BI tool identifies individual content preferences and forms the basis for accurate customer acquisition and retention campaigns. This enables you to reduce your churn rate and place individual cross-sell and upsell offers. 

Secure Login & Registration Processes 

dsb fly ensures user-friendly and secure authentication processes - including real-time data balancing with the backend. This platform solution also processes logins via social sign-in methods. 

Churn Prevention
Publishers use dsb fly specifically to deter users from cancelling. Subscribers who cancel online receive customised counter offers based on their usage behavior and their customer information stored. After they choose their reason for cancellation, they can for example, pause their subscription, benefit from a special discount or receive an incentive to deter them from cancelling. 

Increase Subscriber Retention - Convert Readers to Use Recurring Payments 
Recurring payment methods significantly reduce attrition risk. Subscribers who get converted to use a recurring payment method immediately after signing up for a subscription significantly increase their subscription retention rate.

Turn Analogue Payment Methods into Digital Payment Methods 

dsb fly makes it possible: with one click, readers can change their payment method from invoice to Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal or credit card. Subscribers thus switch from one-time payments to recurring payment methods and enable publishers to automate subsequent charges. 

Case Study: 18% of Contacted Readers Migrated to PayPal oder SEPA

Are you curious as to how intan service plus migrated 18% of their contacted readers to using PayPal and SEPA direct debit payment methods through targeted campaigns? Find out about the details here: Case Study.

dsb fly Perfects Lifecycle Management: 

With dsb fly, Digital Transformation Succeeds! 

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Whether in the UK or on the European mainland - leading leading publishers rely on our
expertise for digital and print subscription management.

- Angus Chevenix-Trench,

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