Fulfillment & E-Commerce

dsb fly models business process in fulfillment holistically without any channel silos, from e-shops and logistics to customer care and payment. In this cross-system business intelligence & reporting module is where e-shop shopping carts meet retail sales.  Enriched with real-time data from PIM, CRM and ERP, the dsb fly data warehouse becomes your cross-process control tool.

dsb fly consists of various modules that can either be used as a suite or independently for B2B and B2C processes. 

An Overview of the Fulfillment Module: 

Stateful Middleware
dsb fly connect links heterogeneous systems along the value chain. For instance, the module consolidates, completes and refines information and thus optimises your omni-channel sales. It ensures that the same data is available across all systems.

Maintain your webshop, start campaigns and design subpages with just a few clicks! 

From PayPal to credit card, direct debit, purchase on account, Apple Pay and Amazon Payments: we ensure the integration and processing of payment flows in all directions.

With dsb fly, you can reach your target group worldwide. Interfaces to Amazon, OTTO, Zalando, eBay, Rakuten, Alibaba, La Redoute etc. push your expansion.

The product information management software dsb fly pim aggregates data from different sources. With this module, you can automatically merge article data from different systems, maintain it centrally and push it across channels.

Omni Channel Management
With dsb fly, you can optimise and automate your multichannel campaigns. The platform manages, feeds and controls all sales channels and customer touch points. dsb fly ensures efficient processes and manages cross channel content - regardless of e-shop, social media or catalogue. 

Stock Management
dsb fly takes care of your inventory management across different channels. Through cross channel and real-time data reconciliation and sales prioritisation, only items that are in stock are displayed in the e-shop. This is how overselling is prevented.

BI and Reporting
dsb fly ensures a smooth data transfer to Tableau or other systems in which customer-specific reports and evaluations can be run 24/7. Define individual KPIs and analyses. 

Prevent Returns
Does your top seller also top in returns? We can change that. Through smart data analysis, dsb fly reduces the return rate. Additionally, dsb fly digitalises your returns processes. Payments are refunded automatically and invoices are automatically updated, which reduces costs. 

Landing Pages
With dsb fly, you push sales of individual products in a targeted manner via your own landing pages. This is perfect for spontaneous marketing campaigns. Incentives, prices and products are flexibly customisable. 

From customer care via phone to writing. Thanks to APIs to customer relationship management tools such as Salesforce, Selligent, Dymatrix, etc., data is flexibly exported, synchronised and aggregated. Benefit from the cross-system data exchange.

Online Self Services
All transactions that your customers make in "My Account" are displayed centrally in the Online Customer Service module. From addresses and account changes to support requests, online self services are available 24/7. 

Analogue & Digital Products

Whether you sell physical products or distribute digital products and services, dsb fly manages your workflows and pushes your sales. 

With dsb fly, You Profit From:

- IT investment protection

- Maximum process flexibility

- Independence

- Scalability

- High degree of configurability


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Our customers have been using our digital platform ccb for over a decade to manage their online and combined subscriptions and as a data basis for customer acquisition campaigns.

- Alexander Münch,
CBDO at dsb group

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