dsb fly modul xsell


dsb fly xsell© is one of the modules of the dsb fly system environment. This tool enables targeted customer retention campaigns through individualised cross-sell and upselling offers. 

Increased customer loyalty thanks to tailored recommendations

With dsb fly xsell, you can launch automated cross-sell and upsell campaigns and provide your customers with relevant offers. xsell is a trainable self-learning recommendation algorithm (recommendation engine). Based on sophisticated recommendation mechanisms, xsell provides your customers with individual offers that are attractive to them. 

Churn Minimisation Thanks to AI-Based Campaigns

dsb fly xsell also offers you innovative strategies for churn prevention. 

Using dsb fly xsell for Churn Prevention

Publishers use dsb fly xsell specifically for cancellation prevention. For example, xsell suggests customised offers to newspaper subscribers based on their usage behavior and the stored customer information. After they provide their reason for cancellation, they could: 

  • Pause their subscription 
  • Get their old price back in the event of price increases 
  • Benefit from a special discount 
  • Switch to other published titles 

xsell Can Be Customised Individually

Other cancellation prevention offers can also be configured in dsb fly xsell. This allows companies to reduce their churn rate in a targeted manner. 

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