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Aggregate Product Data Automatically, Maintain and Push It Centrally

dsb fly pim© is one of the modules of the dsb fly system platform. The product information management system dsb fly pim can aggregate and refine product data automatically and push it into predefined channels. 

What Does a PIM Do? 

Do you sell products in your own e-shop, via several online marketplaces, your B2B platform and via a print catalogue? For many manufacturers and retailers, this is a time-consuming and error-prone endeavor. This is because the product information for the identical article must be delivered in a different file format for each distribution channel. Selection criteria such as colours and sizes also vary between the different distribution platforms.

We Integrate Your E-Shop with ERP, Inventory and Logistics Software

dsb fly pim is a flexible and dynamically robust product information management system. It combines data collected in different systems, enriches it whenever necessary and displays it in the required format in the appropriate sales channels. dsb fly pim connects synchronous and asynchronous worlds. The data exchange takes place as real-time synchronisation with online data or in a batch process. 

Your Benefits: 

  • Central data maintenance 
  • Multi-directional data exchange
  • Automated data enrichment 
  • Consistent information across different channels 
  • Automated push processes 
  • Ready-to-use integration 
  • Secure and proven ETL processes 
  • Online synchronisation or batch processes 
  • No channel silos 
  • Investment protection for existing IT infrastructure 
  • Can be combined with central inventory management 

Call It What You Want…

Whether product resource management (PRM), product data management (PDM) or product content management (PCM) - dsb fly pim handles the central management of your product information. 

Define and Display Channel-Specific Product Information & Prices 

Item information is transmitted to each sales channel automatically in the correct file format and with all the required details. For example, you can define prices, descriptions or item names differently on your own store, Amazon or eBay. 

Central Inventory Management Included 

We can activate our dsb inventory management solution in dsb fly on request. It offers you real-time integration of your inventory with multiple sources. dsb fly pim communicates all the ins and outs of the total inventory for all sales channels every second. 

You Can Sell More Thanks to Online Inventory Management... 

…because you no longer have to reserve a specific number of items for different marketplaces, since all systems access inventory levels in real-time. By the way: dsb inventory management grows with you, because the amount of inventory can be expanded as desired. 

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