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From the Photo Shoot Directly Into the Webshop 

Trends change in the blink of an eye. Fashion collections are now launched on a monthly basis. A photo editing and organisational tool is essential for fast and error-free import of hundreds of pictures, as well as assigning article numbers and product descriptions to them. 

Update 10,000 Photos At One Go

dsb fly picture¬© offers you automated interfaces to the photo service provider and portrays the process from photo creation to its approval to it going live. 

Automatic Image Management With dsb picture

Directly after the photo shoot, your photo service provider transfers the images via FTP or stores them in a previously defined directory. If desired, the tool can adopt customer-specific interfaces. dsb fly picture starts with automated image processing. 

Convert, Enlarge, Reduce, Crop - dsb picture Does It For You 

After your approval, the images are immediately imported into the web store. This means that you can make money the same day with the items that have just been shot. If the existing e-commerce system does not yet offer automated image resizing for responsive websites or does not convert to high resolutions, this will be provided for you during the process.  

dsb fly picture Assigns Product Photos Automatically 

The software checks the image quality, assigns images directly to colour categories and checks whether naming conventions are adhered to in advance.

Define Your Own Colour Categories

The software automatically assigns your product photos. All articles are displayed in an overall view and you can conveniently decide which articles you want to sort differently so that colour filters and faceted search work immediately.

SEO-Optimsied Image Naming

Comprehensive product names are a prerequisite for images to appear as relevant results in search engine queries on a country-specific basis. With dsb fly picture, you can automatically assign photos in colour clusters to specific terms or sort them according to other criteria and assign meta information to them. The result: your products are listed for the relevant search terms.

E-Commerce, Marketing, PDM, Controlling and Design: One Image Source For All

After successful processing, dsb fly picture sends the images to various systems or stores them on desired drives. If there are different colours and cuts for a trouser style over the years, they are all archived in dsb picture. Fashion designers can therefore always keep the development of a model in sight. The marketing department uses dsb picture as a source of motives for advertisements. The current product image is clearly marked for everyone to see. This prevents outdated images from being used. Updates to the image stock are automatically duplicated in all folders, so that the same photos are available across departments. By integrating dsb picture to your reporting tool, you can use product images instead of article codes for your evaluations. This allows you to create reports that are easier to read.

The Benefits of Automation at a Glance:

  • Prevents channel silos and manual errors
  • Consistently high image quality for all target platforms
  • Transparent processes
  • Cross-company image source database
  • SEO optimisation 
  • Version management with acces to different image variants

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