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dsb fly pay© is the payment module of the dsb fly platform. Whether PayPal, credit card, direct debit, purchase on account, Apple Pay or Amazon Payments, we integrate all common payment methods via dsb fly pay. 

We are flexible when it comes to integration. Full, partial integrations or one-time store payments? You decide on the level of integration! 

Through our payment facade, we can quickly and securely implement the technical integration for all common payment types in your B2B or B2C stores.

Paywalls for Publishers 

From reading access with the freemium or metered model, to digital subscriptions or the club model, we can flexibly implement a wide variety of business models with our paywall. Of course, dsb fly also invoices combination subscriptions, club models, voucher codes, daily, weekly and monthly passes, etc...Family subscriptions and company accounts are also easily administered and billed. 

Consolidate Purchases Across All Media

dsb fly pay consolidates all purchases automatically. From digital or print to bundles or special editions, to time or unit-based billing. 

Converting to Recurring Payment Types

With the dsb payment widget, you can transform analogue payment methods into digital payment methods. With one click, your customers can switch their payment method from invoices to Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal or credit card. 

From Tickets to Food or Newspaper Subscriptions  

Switching to recurring payment methods allows you to automate subsequent debits. 

Case Study

Are you curious as to how intan service plus converted 18% of their contacted readers into using PayPal and direct debit as payment methods through targeted campaigns? 

Find out about the details here:  Case Study. 

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