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dsb fly hub for Agents® is the admin panel for your service agents. Here, your call center employees can see all the relevant information at a glance. 

dsb fly hub for Agents was specifically developed for customer service purposes. With the admin panel, your agents can manage customer enquiries, answer phone calls, emails, chats and social media requests via the web interface as well as make changes for customers immediately. 

Easy To Use - Without Extensive Training 

With a simple and intuitive UI design, your employees will be able to use the admin panel after 15 minutes of training. This makes it easier for you to hire seasonal staff. 

Recommendation Features For Agents  

In the event of a cancellation, dsb fly HUB for Agents provides your employees with individualised recommendations such as counter offers or cross-selling and upselling offers for customers via phone or chat in order to prevent the cancellation.

Payments via Phone

By integrating MOTO with payment processes, your service agents can sell products and services as well as receive payments over the phone and online. Once the payment is received, the order will then be processed automatically.

CRM Integration

dsb fly hub for Agents can be directly integrated with your CRM or third-party CRM software, with data transfers taking place in real time. 


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