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dsb Modules Description
Agent Cockpit Through the agent cockpit, agents can administer customer enquiries
Basket service Enables basket processes in the e-shop
Birdbox AI rules and algorithms are used to process e-mail and social media inquiries from customers. Birbox recognizes the intent of the inquiry, extracts required data and automatically performs the action requested by the customers. Specifications of the ERP system as well as contract agreements and notice periods are also considered. 
Checkout service Enables checkout processes in the e-shop
dsb connect (ETL, stateful middleware) Supports synchronous and asynchronous exchange of data with various platforms, ERP, CRM, and etc...
E-Shop We can create client-specific store frontends for various industries for all kinds of products
OCS Customer hub Customers can create an account in the webshop and manage their orders, payment information and address information there
Payment Widget Enables users to choose from different payment methods and pay for their orders
Paywall (entitlement service) Sell and control access to digital products, articles, webinars, streams, apps, and etc.
PIM (product data versioning) Create, manage or import product information, prices and dependencies for omni-channel sales


Frontend / User Account Features Description
Address change Users can manage their own addresses
Calendar of publications Allows the user to have a calendar-view of their purchased publications
Cancel Save Alternative offers can be displayed to users during their cancellation journey to prevent cancellations
Cancellation Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time
Cominto page flip Activates the Cominto page turn/flippage reader for subscriptions and single magazines
Contact form Customers can make enquiries through the contact form
Delivered magazines Activating this feature will display a list of delivered magazine issues to users. Selecting an issue allows the user to download it
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Create an FAQ page as a menu item
Gift certificate Activates the gift certificate download function
Holiday break Enables users to manage delivery pauses via the holiday service
Holiday download Allows users to download digital versions of their print issues via the holiday service. In order to activate this feature, the issue download feature must also be activated.
Holiday redirect Users can forward/redirect their magazine issues via the holiday service
Invoice download Invoices can be downloaded by the user (archive server required)
Issue complaint Users can submit a complaint for delivered magazine issues
Login via SSO/OAuth Enables users to login in via SSO/OAuth
Magazine download Magazines can be downloaded with this function
Membership Activates the management of member subscriptions
Mobile friendly website design UI is designed dynamically and therefore optimised for mobile devices too
Multi-user licenses Multi-user licenses can be managed
Opt-in/out (advertising) Users have the option to opt-in or opt-out of advertising such as newsletters
Payment history & invoice Payment history can be viewed by the user
Payment information Users can edit and view their payment information
Pending orders Pending orders can be viewed by the user
Request invoice Invoices can be requested by the user
Revocation Enables users to revoke their orders within the revocation period
Show billing frequency Users can view their subscription billing frequency and term length
Subscription link Allows users to manually link their subscriptions via the webshop
Subscription renewal Subscriptions can be renewed within the users' account


Supporting Features Description
Abandoned basket process Reminds customers of their abandoned basket via Email or feed to CRM
Automatic backups All systems are automatically backed up
Automatic e-mail management and responses Our systems can automate customer enquiry emails with algorithms and AI
CRM feeds CRM feeds to 3rd party tools e.g. salesforce, selligent, dymetrics, and etc...
Inventory management The platform can keep track of stock even if they are in multiple different warehouses
Low code integration in existing ticket systems Easily integrate functions into existing ticket management platforms like replyone, Numero, Hermes, novomind, etc...
Message bus Enable instant buffered messanging for 3rd party solutions
Messenger The messenger creates messages and pushes them into various channels such as email, print, sms, whatsapp, and etc.
Messenger templating Design and control message design templates for various message channels
Recommendation engine Displays recommended offers to users based on behaviour and optional AI predictions
Tracking (Matomo, Google Analytics, Webtrack) Our systems can integrate tracking tools to track and analyse user behaviour on your website


Sales Boosting Features  
Country and target group-specific pricing Supports different stores, countries, country groups, tax groups ...
Credit card updater Instant update of expired payment methods online/email
Optional multivariant; A/B Testing Your favourite test platform can be integrated with our systems
Partial Payments Rule-based partial payments made easy: e.g. # of parts, based on product phase (Test, Part Access, Full access). Delayed billing and payments are also possible
Payment type orchestrator We offer clients different payment methods supporting your business: e.g. recurring payments for subscriptions and quick secure online payment for quick checkouts
Quick checkout Our shops support quick checkout (one or two-step) processes in stores, landing pages, abandoned basket emails, letters and etc... 
Sales funnels Implement dedicated sales funnels for customer groups, products and industries easily
Supports international shipping Our systems can be configured to support international shipping
Upsell / Cross sell Recommends additional products to clients based on rules or AI


Other Features Description
B2B We create webshops, environments and services for various industries
B2C We create webshops, environments and services for various industries and customers
Backward compatibility Supports integration of legacy systems and environment
CDN Content is automatically distributed via a high speed content delivery network for faster loading speeds
Cloud or on premise (own servers) If needed, we can offer an on-premise solution
Easy/ flexible integration of 3rd party tools Pre-existing systems and data from the client can be easily integrated with the platform
GDPR compliance Data collected from users is minimised - the system only retrieves minimum data needed from secure storage during the transaction and cleans up after the session is closed
Hosting Frankfurt / Karlsruhe / EU Our cloud hosting locations ensure speed and quality
Industries: publishing, app, fashion, FMCG, trade, logistics, service Designed by a team serving clients in EU, UK, USA, Eastern Europe, Asia - serving their customers in all time zones
Multi-language support (everything) All systems have multi-language support
Service-oriented architecture Our services can be used per module, use the API and offer new features to your customers instantly




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